NFMA Newsletter

Dear Farmers’ Market Association Member,

The Nebraska Farmers’ Market Association (NFMA) is currently undergoing some leadership changes. During this transition period you will continue to receive your membership benefits and services. The UNL Nebraska Cooperative Development Center will be serving as the point of contact for NFMA members.

We greatly appreciate the hard work and countless hours the NFMA board put into developing the association and getting it to where it is today. Their efforts have made a difference for farmers’ markets in Nebraska and they have laid a solid foundation for the future leaders and members of this organization.

Please consider serving on the NFMA Board of Directors. Contact us for more details or questions. And don’t forget now is the time to renew your membership!

On behalf of the Nebraska Farmers’ Market Association,

Elaine Cranford & Jim Crandall

P: 402-472-1748  F: 402-472-3460


Volume I Issue I – January 2014NFMA Logo

  • About NFMA
  • Garden Activities
  • Member Spotlight – Scottsbluff Winter Farmers’ Market
  1. Nice job on the web site. Really classy looking. Come on Nebraska farmers’ markets, sign up!
    Let’s get together and learn from each other.
    Kearney Area Farmers’ Market

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