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Buy Fresh Buy Local® Nebraska Workshops Scheduled

Buy Fresh Buy Local® Nebraska will host a series of meetings, workshops and webinars in 2014 to promote local food systems and strengthen the specialty crops grower businesses in the state. The Nebraska Department of Agriculture awarded the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Nebraska Cooperative Development Center a specialty crop block grant in the amount of $29,706. The project focuses on strengthening the local food system and the business skills of specialty crop growers. Larry Van Tassell, head of UNL’s Department of Agricultural Economics, said, the grant will fund meetings across Nebraska to expand the Buy Fresh Buy Local program, increase the profitability of its members, increase the availability and benefits of specialty crops and the value of buying locally.

The program, in partnership with NCDC, will provide educational workshops and trainings to solely assist specialty crop growers in Nebraska.  The purpose is to not only provide knowledge but also change marketing and business management behaviors to sustain a successful, profitable business. Anyone can attend, but the focus and topics are solely geared toward specially crops growers. Specialty crops are defined as “fruits and vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits and horticulture and nursery crops, including floriculture and Christmas trees.”

Please address your questions and registration information to Billene Nemec, or 402-472-5273.

Buy Fresh Buy Local® Nebraska will be hold meetings at the following locations:

    • Wayne –Jan. 21, 7-8 p.m., First Nebraska Bank of Wayne, 442 E. Seventh St, in the Community Room. Deadline for registration is Jan. 17
    • Ord –Jan. 28, 7-8 p.m. at the Extension Office, 801 S Street.  Deadline for registration is Jan. 24
    • Grand Island –Feb. 19 at 7-8 pm, Grand Island City Library, 211 N. Washington St. Deadline for registration is Feb. 17.
    • Scottsbluff –Feb. 24 at 7-8 p.m., Panhandle Research and Extension Center, Bluestem room. Deadline for registration is Feb. 21.

Better Process Control School For Acidified Foods
April 28-29 in Lincoln, NE

This school is suitable for anyone requiring certification; however, it has been designed specifically for individuals with little or no food science or food safety background, small food processors and those selling products at farmers markets and other local events. In addition to the FDA-required portion of the school, attendees also participate in several presentations from experts on food safety and acidified foods. This unique addition allows attendees to more thoroughly understand the issues and requirements regarding acidified foods.This school DOES NOT satisfy retort processing requirements or low-acid foods. Individuals requiring this certification should attend the Better Process Control School.

Topics Include:

  • FDA Regulations
  • Microbiology of Thermally Processed Foods
  • Principles of Acidified Foods
  • Food Container Handling
  • Principles of Thermal Processing
  • Equipment, Instrumentation and Operation for Thermal Processing Systems
  • Records and Recordkeeping
  • Principles of Food Plant Sanitation
  • Closures for Glass Containers
  • Closures for Flexible and Semirigid Containers
For complete information or to register your spot, please visit our website (


Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska: “Encourages the purchase and enjoyment of locally grown food.”

Nebraska Farmers’ Market Association Facebook:

Food Safety for Farmers’ Market Vendors: Factors that cause food-borne illnesses and recommendations for preparing and selling wholesome and safe food products at Farmer’s Markets.

Weights and Measures Guidelines for Sales at Farmers’ Markets, Roadside Stands and Other Commercial Outlets: Retail sale of fruits, vetetables and other items, including those at farmers? markets and roadside stands, is regulated by the Nebraska Weights and Measures Act. Learn about what?s required by the Act and how to comply.

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