Register now for Better Process Control School for Acidified Foods! April 28-29, Lincoln, NE

Public Food Safety Requirements Affect Many Farmer’s Market Vendors

A two-day school in April will give participants a better understanding of safety issues surrounding acidified foods.

The FDA defines low-acid and acidified low-acid canned foods as products with a high acidity level, or a pH level below 4.6, and a high level of moisture, or a water activity above 0.85. These foods include beans, cucumbers, cabbage, artichokes, cauliflower, peppers, salsas, some sauces, and fish, singly or in any combination. Exempted from FDA regulations are acid foods, repacked acidified foods, fermented foods, carbonated beverages, jams, jellies, preserves and refrigerated foods.

All processors of these types of foods must complete a Better Process Control School training program. These regulations apply to any size processor, including those that sell products through farmers’ markets, on-line and to local stores. Food companies that are uncertain if their products fall into this category can contact the Food Processing Center or their local health inspector.

The Better Process Control School equips attendees with a scientific understanding of thermal processes and strategies of pathogen control, especially clostridium botulinum. By law, each processor of these types of foods must operate with a trained supervisor on hand at all times.  The Food Processing Center is certified by the FDA to teach this two-day school.

Upon successful completion of the school, participants become certified and their names are submitted to the FDA. The school is taught by faculty and staff experts from the Food Processing Center. Class size is limited and pre-registration is required.



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